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The Inventor In You

In the book The Inventor In You, I want to give you some examples of and my advice on being an inventor based on many years of experience in this field. I have been working on inventions of all kinds from a diversity of fields. I created more than 400 inventions to be patented, and 42 were successful. Some of them were very complex, having demanded a great deal of time, money and development, and ended up bringing success to me as well as providing work to thousands of people as they were used around the globe. Other inventions were smaller, simpler and faster to develop. It is best, as I learned from practice, for an invention to be composed of as little parts as possible, since the very composition of the product can be quite complicated. If despite illustrative instruction, people are unable to construct the product to use it for the first time and get used to it, its fate is almost sealed. It is, therefore, wise to predict beforehand all the potential hitches and complications that can arise from the emergence of the idea until the final product.

My Century

»I am deeply convinced that genuine, true and genuine happiness can only be felt by an independent, autonomous, original, indomitable and magnanimous man with a humanistic, warm, altruistic disposition towards the society around him, who is at the same time hard-hitting if necessary. This can only be a man authentic and loyal to himself, regardless of the storms raging around him, regardless of the bluffers he is surrounded by, and regardless of the jewels and gems they offer.«
mag.Boštjan J. Turk, Director, Institute of Civil and Commercial Law